Oral History, Tape 48, Side 1


Oral History, Tape 48, Side 1


Victor Atiyeh served as governor of Oregon from 1979-1987. This is one part of an oral history interview that was originally recorded on over 60 cassette tapes by the Oregon Historical Society. It is accompanied by a typed transcript. This portion covers: Establishment of Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day, 1985; Atiyeh’s Affirmative Action officer Kay Toran, mid-1980s; legislation on art galleries, 1985; failed bills in the 1985 legislature; ground pollution and recycling in Oregon, mid-1980s and early 1990s; Presidential primary and general campaigns in Oregon, late 1980s, early 1990s; potential of legalizing prostitution, mid-1980s; thoughts on former State Senator, Vern Cook; land use planning in Oregon and Raleigh Hills, early 1990s.


Atiyeh, Victor

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