Oral History, Tape 57, Side 2


Oral History, Tape 57, Side 2


Victor Atiyeh served as governor of Oregon from 1979-1987. This is one part of an oral history interview that was originally recorded on over 60 cassette tapes by the Oregon Historical Society. It is accompanied by a typed transcript. This portion covers: Relationships with Washington Senators Dan Evans, Brock Adams, Scoop Jackson, Warren Magnusson; thoughts on Legislators Debbs Pots, Lynn Newbry, Jason Boe, Phil Lang, Vera Katz, Sam Dement, Connie McCready (Mayor), Earl Blumenauer, Tony Meeker, Ed Whelan, Don Willner, Mike Thorne, Arthur Ireland; thoughts on Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush; meeting President Ford in the White House, 1974; reflections on tenure as Governor, 1980s; responding to criticism from Oregonian writer Allen Hayakawa, late 1980s.


Atiyeh, Victor

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