Oral History, Tape 63, Side 2


Oral History, Tape 63, Side 2


Victor Atiyeh served as governor of Oregon from 1979-1987. This is one part of an oral history interview that was originally recorded on over 60 cassette tapes by the Oregon Historical Society. It is accompanied by a typed transcript. This portion covers: Outcome of the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Act, 1980s; the Northwest Power Planning Council and the “three sovereigns”; dams and fisheries on the Columbia River, late 1990s; Atiyeh’s view of the legislature, 1998; feelings on the last day of being Governor, 1987; Atiyeh’s political activities since leaving office, 1990s; state of the Republican party, 1998; thoughts on Barry Goldwater, 1998; business and other activities since leaving office, 1998.


Atiyeh, Victor

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