Vic Atiyeh in Life

The Atiyehs at the Pacific University Commencement

Victor Atiyeh was born February 20, 1923 in Portland, Oregon, to two Syrian immigrants, George Atiyeh and Linda Asly Atiyeh.

After graduating from Portland’s Washington High School, where he was a standout football player and president of his senior class, Atiyeh attended the University of Oregon, where he majored in pre-law, from 1941-1943. A member of Phi Gamma Delta (Epsilon Omicron/the Fijis), he continued to be involved with the fraternity throughout his life. He was a guard on the University of Oregon football team, and was scouted by several NFL teams and offered a position with the Green Bay Packers.

A football player, a gun collector, a history buff, a fly-fisherman, and a Boy Scout, Atiyeh's diverse interests and connections all served him well in connecting to constituents, and in reaching across demographics and party lines.