Church dedication program


Church dedication program


Copy of the program for the dedication of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Banks, Oregon. The dedication occurred on March 21, 1909.
[caption] Methodist Church Building Built 1908 Banks, Oregon; The itinerant system of the Methodist ministry was peculiarly adapted to pioneer conditions. The rapid growth of the Methodist Church in the early days was due to the fact that is was a 'traveling ministry' rather than a settled one. Jason Lee the Father of Oregon Methodism first pioneer preacher in Oregon having founded a mission in 1834. The Hon. Ben W. Olcott, a Governor of Oregon, said 'Unhesitatingly I say that Jason Lee was Oregon's most heroic figure. History has shown beyond shadow of a doubt that Jason Lee was responsible for the State of Oregon becoming one of the fairest stars on the field of blue in our flag.'; Camp meeting were a time for converting the unchurched and of spiritual renewal for the faithful; it served also as a 'vacation' time, a time to rest the body as well as refresh the soul, a time for 'sparking' by the young people, and an opportunity to renew old friendships.' As the town of Banks boomed, in Greenville, the parent town 2 miles to the south, disappeared, Banks' identity as a protestant town with the Catholics' having previously established their own area communities. Protestants were in the majority from the beginning of the Banks settlement. As was common throughout America during this period, Banks the protestant town created minor frictions with Roy the Catholic town a few miles to the south.'; It is not surprising that it would be the Methodist church that established the Banks church, organizing principle, teaching doctrines and providing Methodist ministers. About the 1970's, this church by majority of its members, changed the name of the church to Banks Community Church, however it continued to be supported by Methodist preachers. Around the 1990's the church changed the name back to that of Methodist, as it remains.; Source of 1908 date: The New Times, Forest Grove OR, Thurs, Nov 11, 1937 -- 'Banks Church Anniversary to Be Celebrated Dec. 5: Banks--An all day meeting was planned for Sunday, December 5, at a meeting of church and school boards Tuesday night at the parsonage. The all day meeting will be in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the building of the Banks Church.'

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