Students at Greenville School


Students at Greenville School


Class photo of the students at the Greenville School, sometime in the 1890s.
[caption] Greenville School Students; Photo taken before 1897; Back row: Cecil Heltzel, Puss Williams, May Thornburg, Bertha Hayden, Stella Soehren, Harry Bradley, Walter Harman, Orville Wilkes, Otis Hartley, Pet Vanderzanden, Mr. Burke (teacher), George Dooley (directly in back); Middle row: Eva Shiffer, Bess Shepard, DeEtte Friday, Louise Mauss, Mary Vanderzanden, Rose Mauss, Edgar Harman; Front row: Fred Ennis, Earl Dooley, Oscar Shiffer, Emmett Shiffer, Bert Friday, Phil Parmley, Albert Vanderzanden, Tom Soehren, Martin Vanderzanden; Lester Soehren.; Additional student information: Otis G. Hartley b1879-d1898 age 19 from spinal meningitis; he was a Greenville resident & student at Pacific University; burial Wilkes Cemetery aka Banks Union Point Cemetery. Birt Friday b1890-b1944 interred Banks Union point Cemetery. DeEtta (Friday) Galaway aka Mrs. Wm Otto Galaway. Albert Vanderzanden b1822-d1959, pioneer family of Roy, burial St. Frances of Assisi.

Date Created

circa 1890s


Heltzel, Cecil
Williams, Puss
Thornburg, May
Hayden, Bertha
Soehren, Stella
Bradley, Harry
Harman, Walter
Wilkes, Orville
Hartley, Otis, 1879-1898
Vanderzanden, Pet
Burke, [?]
Dooley, George
Shiffer, Eva
Shepard, Bess
Friday, DeEtte
Mauss, Louise
Vanderzanden, Mary
Mauss, Louise, Vanderzanden, Mary
Mauss, Rose
Harman, Edgar
Ennis, Fred
Dooley, Earl
Shiffer, Oscar
Siffer, Everett
Friday, Bert, 1890-1944
Parmley, Phil
Soehren, Tom
Vanderzanden, Martin
Soehren, Lester
Vanderzanden, Albert, 1822-1959


Greenville, Oregon


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