Boxer Toss film


Boxer Toss film


A soundless video recording of a fight over the 'Boxer' mascot of Pacific University in 1968. In the fight, also known as a 'Boxer Toss,' several teams of male students brawl over possession of the mascot, which was a bronze Chinese statue. It was filmed on campus in Trombley Square, between the Washburne University Center, Scott Hall, Marsh Hall and Old College Hall (which has since been moved to a new location). Hundreds of bystanders watch in the background. This brawl was part of a Pacific University tradition that was maintained for decades until the statue disappeared approximately one year after this film was made. It took place on April 18, 1968 and was described in an article, 'The Boxer Rebellion - 1968,' that appeared in the Pacific alumni magazine. The film was likely created from footage collected by the television crews that are described in the article. This video was converted from a 16mm film reel that was marked, 'Color Electro-Print of Boxer Fight,' from the King Film Lab in Portland, Oregon.

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'After Day-Long Fight For Boxer' story covering a Boxer fight <a class='download-file' href='/items/show/2337'><br />PUA_MS95_069.pdf</a>

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