Quilted Cedar Mill heritage to help library


Quilted Cedar Mill heritage to help library


Sunday, August 1, 1976 article describing creation of history quilt by volunteers at the Cedar Mill Library. The quilt was displayed in the library for several weeks preceding the fund raising raffle drawing on the day of the yearly M.E.S.S. rummage sale in September.
[caption] HERITAGE IN A SQUARE - Heritage Quilt of Cedar Mill depicts historic Cedar Mill scenes, including several marked by Tualatin Valley Heritage Inc. Quilt will be sold to raise money for Cedar Mill Community Library Association. The handiwork of 15 women, the quilt is on display at the library, located in Milltowner shopping center. [headline]Quilted Cedar Mill heritage to help library Photographs of early Cedar Mill landmarks may be faded and blurry. The saw mill that gave the area its name is long gone. William Walker's Old Meadow Farm is no more. A newer building has replaced the first Cedar Mill school. The lone pine near the entrance of Oak Hills has seen better days. The post office cancellation that read Cedar Mill, Ore., was last used July 3, 1904. But the Heritage Quilt of Cedar Mill preserves these scenes and more. A fund-raising project for the Cedar Mill Community Library Association, the quilt can be seen hanging in the window of the library. Each of the 15 scenes was appliqued on to a sky blue square. Embroidery embellishes each of the designs. More than 1,200 hours went into making the quilt. Work began in April. The quilt will be sold to raise money for the library association. Tickets will go to those making a donation and the quilt will go to the holder of one of those tickets Sept. 18. The quilting project, carried out by 15 women, was instigated by Sue Peterson. Each woman was totally in charge of one of the heritage squares, including selection of the subject and designing the pattern. Dolly Freed, artist and photographer, assisted by providing drawings or photographs to those who requested help. Mrs. Freed said older residents of the Cedar Mill area were enthused about the quilting project because of its unique way of preserving heritage. Depicted on the quilt are the first Cedar Mill school, a block done by Mildred Kidby; Wesley Chapel, which was located in the Milltowner area, a block made by Diane West; the John Katterman home built about 1898 near the intersection of NW Cornell Road and 93rd Street, block done by Sue Peterson. Lalia Hampton created the scene of the lone pine at the entrance of the Oak Hills subdivision. The Leedy Grange building on NW Saltzman Road near the library, is represented in a square by Shirley Corey. Wilma Kennedy made the square of oak trees and an Indian, which represents the many stands of large old oak trees that covered the valley floor and the Indian village of Osceola. Muriel Van Veen did the work for the block picturing the Walters home at NW Cornell Road and 107th Street. The block includes an appliqued apple tree because Samuel Walters brought several back from the California gold fields in 1851. One tree remains today. The Cedar Mill falls block done by Sandy Jandik shows the falls on the south side of NW Cornell Road at 119th Street. The falls and a large water wheel provided power for the cedar mill. The Young house built next to the falls in 1863 is depicted in a block made by Mary Packer. The home housed the first Cedar Mill post office. John Quincy Adams Young was the postmaster. The house was constructed with hand hewn 12 by 12s. The appliqued design of the old West Tualatin View school building, now used by West Haven Church, was done by Marvel Noyes. Margye Armstrong completed the block with the Cedar Mill post office cancellation. The pioneer cemetary, site of the Murray and Leahy family graves, is pictured on a clock designed by Judy Killpack. Judy Ackerman appliqued and embroidered the block of the old cedar mill built in 1859. The 1917 Blatter home, overlooking NW Barnes Road near Leahy Road, is depicted on a square by Sue Jones. Ruth Simpson worked the block of the William Walker home built in 1857. A store now stands on the site on Walker Road between Murray Road and 158th. The Old Meadow Farm orchard is still standing. Several of the heritage scenes have been marked by Tualatin Valley Heritage Inc. When each block was finished, the women began meeting at the library to complete the double bed size quilt. Brown and blue were used to border it. A traditional mountain stitch was chosen for the quilting because of Cedar Mill's geographical relationship to the Tualatin Mountains.


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