This site is part of the collaborative Washington County Heritage Online project, which has thousands of additional historic images and documents from a dozen local institutions. The project was funded through support from a Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) grant. 

Centro Cultural in Cornelius is an organization that serves the needs of recent immigrants to Washington County. It provides education and empowerment programs such as English as a Second Language, Spanish Literacy, Computer Technology, Cultural Values, Leadership Training and community organizing, Information and Referrals. For this project, Centro Cultural has contributed hundred of photographs of celebrations and gatherings of Washington County's Latino community, as well as pictures of migrant farm workers and others served by the organization.

  • Man leaning against wall

    Photograph of a man leaning against the back wall of Centro Cultural's main hall. Based on the decorations, he might be attending a cultural celebration event.
  • Woman on stage

    Photograph of a woman on stage, possibly during a cultural celebration.
  • Coffee in the main hall

    Photograph of a man holding a coffee cup. Behind him, the stage in Centro Cultural's main hall is piled high with food.
  • Man enjoying a Thanksgiving meal

    Photograph of a man sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal in Centro Cultural's main hall. Behind him, two musicians are playing their accordions.
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