Cornelius school, 7th and 8th grade, '17-'18


Cornelius school, 7th and 8th grade, '17-'18


Group portrait of the 7th and 8th grade students who attended the Cornelius school in 1917-1918. This photo was found in a booklet entitled 'Schools' by Lester Mooberry, and includes a picture of the students in front of the school and a list of the students who attended that year. The photo specifically identifies three people: Harold Schoenfield, Lester Mooberry (their teacher), and Donald McPherson.
[front] Cornelius School 1917-1918; Harold Schoenfield, Lester Mooberry, Donald McPherson [note] Cornelius School, Dist. No. 2; 1917 - 1918; Eight Grade; Della Phelps; Rita Bunning; Margaret Sherbrooke; Virginia Leiter; Etella Storhow; Maude Killgore; James Randall; Leo Susbauer; Myron Phelps; Bernard Hendricks; Madison Anderson; Harold Scholfield; Harold Henderson; Ernest Behrmann; Walter Oppenlander [crossed out]; Lewis Shogren; Wilber Storhow; Seventh Grade; Helen Anderson [Mann written in pencil next to it]; Ella Otis; Etta Fitch; Ray Neep; Walter Oppenlander; Gottlob Schuh; Harold Shogren; Donald Randall; Ernest Dickenson; Joe Sonnen; Phillip Ritthaler; Walter Mayhack; Wayne Pugh; Kenneth Scott; Donald McPherson; Delbert Starrett

Date Created

circa 1917-1918


Phelps, Della
Bunning, Rita
Sherbrooke, Margaret
Leiter, Virginia
Storhow, Etella
Killgore, Maude
Randall, James
Susbauer, Leo
Phelps, Myron
Hendricks, Bernard
Anderson, Madison
Scholfield, Harold
Henderson, Harold
Behrmann, Ernest
Shogren, Lewis
Storhow, Wilber
Mann, Helen (Anderson)
Otis, Ella
Fitch, Etta
Neep, Ray
Oppenlander, Walter
Schuh, Gottleb
Shogren, Harold
Randall, Donald
Dickenson, Ernest
Sonnen, Joe
Ritthaler, Phillip
Mayhack, Walter
Pugh, Wayne
Scott, Kenneth
McPherson, Donald
Starrett, Delbert
Mooberry, Lester
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