Cornelius School, 1920-1921


Cornelius School, 1920-1921


Group portrait of the students who attended the Cornelius school in 1920-1921. These are the students for the seventh and eighth grade. This photo was found in a booklet entitled 'Schools' by Lester Mooberry, and includes a picture of the students in front of the school with the teacher, Lester Mooberry. Some of the students are identified: top row, far left: Sylve Switzer; third from left: Lloyd Shaw; fifth from left: Lyle Geiger; sixth from left: Evelyn Holscher; far right: Bertha McClaughry. Second row: far left: Hazel Phelps; second from right: Neva Parsons. Third row: far right: Marie Switzer; second from right: Charlie Beaman. Fourth row: far right: Anne Schuh; second from right: Gladys Holscher; third from right: Helen Talbot; fourth from right: Oneita Susbauer; fourth from left: Dorothy Cochrane.
[note] Cornelius School, Dist. No. 2; 1920 – 1921; Eight Grade; Julius Deneworth; Marie Switzer; Blanche Pizer; Bartha McClaughry; Edna Wiedewitsch; Hazel Phelps; Gladys Holscher; Evelyn Holscher; Irwin Asbahr; Irving Viohl; Gladys Stark; Edna Bennett; Vilena Goodin; Oneita Susbauer; Helen Talbot; Loyal Mann; Eugene Henderling; Lyle Geiger; Anna Schuh; Urbana Boncquet; Charley Beaman; Lizzie Ritthaler; Maggie Kerr; Seventh Grade; Sylve Switzer; Harold Finegan; Fern Pugh; Frederick Hering; Delbert Potter; Dean Miskimmins; Bessie Rutledge; Agnes Fuller; Anne Liepold; Theodore Liepold; Francis Lytle; Lloyd Shaw; Floyd Sniff; Everett Prickett; John Renner; Birdie Shipman; Dorothy Cochrane; Neva Parsons; Thelma Schoonover; Wesley Alloway; Cecil Pizer; Rose Dunham; Roy La Follett; Charles Fuller; Edmund Hanson

Date Created

circa 1920-1921


Mooberry, Lester
Deneworth, Julius
Pizer, Blanche
Wiedewitsch, Edna
Switzer, Sylve
Shaw, Lloyd
Geiger, Lyle
Holscher, Evelyn
McClaughry, Bertha
Phelps, Hazel
Parson, Neva
Switzer, Marie
Beaman, Charley
Schuh, Anna
Holscher, Gladys
Asbahr, Irwin
Viohl, Irving
Stark, Gladys
Bennett, Edna
Goodin, Vilena
Talbot, Helen
Susbauer, Oneita
Cochrane, Dorothy
Talbot, Helen
Mann, Loyal
Henderling, Eugene
Boncquet, Urbana
Ritthaler, Lizzie
Kerr, Maggie
Finegan, Harold
Pugh, Fern
Hering, Frederick
Potter, Delbert
Miskimmins, Dean
Rutledge, Bessie
Fuller, Agnes
Liepold, Anna
Liepold, Theodore
Lytle, Francis
Shaw, Lloyd
Sniff, Lloyd
Prickett, Everett
Renner, John
Shipman, Birdie
Schoonover, Thelma
Alloway, Wesley
Pizer, Cecil
Dunham, Rose
La Follett, Roy
Fuller, Charles
Hanson, Edmund
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Cornelius, Oregon


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