The Cornelius Public Library was first established in 1912. Their collections offer historic photographs, local histories and documents from the City of Cornelius administrative, library, fire and police departments. They also include materials from the Cornelius Civic and Recreation Clubs, the Cornelius Historic Commission and local schools.

  • Ashley Jackson and fire truck

    Portrait of Ashley Jackson of Cornelius, standing in front of one of the town's fire trucks.
  • Train depot

    A man in a WWI-era military uniform and a young boy stand in front of the railroad depot in Cornelius.
  • Old jail, Cornelius

    Photograph of the old jail in Cornelius, Oregon.
  • 1934-1935 school photo

    Group photograph of the students who attended school in Cornelius for the 1934-1935 school year. They appear to be elementary school students.
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