May Day Celebration

1928 May Day Queen and Court

In the early 1900s, many colleges celebrated the first of May with pageantry, folk dancing, a maypole and a court of women dressed in white. The May Day tradition at Pacific University began in 1914 and would continue for over 50 years. The festivities included a procession, the crowning of the May Queen and her court, a luncheon, plays, athletic competitions and other activities. Students as well as members of the Forest Grove community participated in the May Day events held on campus. Edith Hansen McGill documented many of these activities during May Day, 1928 in her photograph album. 

Further reading on the May Day tradition at colleges in the Pacific Northwest: Erin Passehl-Stoddart. "Bridging the community through the May Day Fete: The May Day Celebration at Oregon Normal School." Willamette Valley Voices: Connecting Generations (2013).

1928 May Day Procession

Girls Dressed Up for May Day

May Day Queen 

Students Dressed for May Day