Denny Mann oral history transcript


Denny Mann oral history transcript


A transcript of an oral history of Denny Mann, retired Counselor at Brown Middle School and Hillsboro High School, on Hispanics in the Hillsboro schools. Mr. Mann began teaching English and Social Studies in 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1974 Mann attended Portland State University for graduate school and was a teacher/counselor for the migrant program in Washington County, North Plains. In 1977 he was hired by the Hillsboro School District and was a counselor at Brown Junior High for 19 years. For seven years Mann worked as a counselor at Hillsboro High School. Mr. Mann worked in the Migrant program for 20 years, during which he was a home school consultant, a teacher, and then head teacher/principal. The number of Hispanic migrants continued to grow, coming mainly from Mexico, Texas and California. Teachers in the migrant program were bilingual and classes were taught in English and Spanish. During the interview mann explains that most of the staff was hired from the ESL programs in Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Forest Grove. Students also came from Guatemala, Chile, and other South American countries. In the late 70s to early 80s there was a large influx of Asian students into ESL program because of Vietnam. The first director of migrant education in Oregon was Jose Garcia, previously a Hillsboro High School teacher. The opening of the Virginia Garcia Clinic in Washington County offered free or near-free health care to migrant families which was a huge impact on the community. The availability of free healthcare and a migrant school program have made Washington County a leader in attracting migrant families to the area. The current director of Hillsboro’s migrant program is Henry Wiens.


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