Tabitha Brown letter to Brimfield Heroine


Tabitha Brown letter to Brimfield Heroine


[Suppressed: duplicate] In 1854, Tabitha Brown wrote a letter to her brother and sister detailing her trip to Oregon. She wrote this letter about the time of 1846. Brown detailed her trip for the Brimfield Heroine because it was where her late husband did his preaching.
Tabitha Brown made her trip to Oregon because she wanted to remain close to her son and family. She details her trip as strenuous. They were given the wrong direction by a guide and suffered for it. When she came to Oregon she had made a friend in Mr. and Mrs. Clark, who were both missionaries. This document is important because it is one of the only descriptions of how Pacific University came to be. She describes the meeting between her and the Clarks where she describes how had dream for this school, and her intentions for it.


Brown, Tabitha




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