First Advertisement for Pacific University


First Advertisement for Pacific University


[Suppressed: duplicate] This is a copy of a letter sent to the east coast by Dr. Atkinson, the Secretary of the University back in the early days of Pacific University. The original source has long been lost. Dr. Atkinson describes the handsome geography of Forest Grove, between two plains to advertise the innocence of the region. He also uses this letter to show his concern for the influence of the Jesutit schools in the region, which were a significant rival when educating the locals living around Forest Grove. This is his main argument for the assistance in the letter. At the same time he states a list of objectives in his letter as to what the Tuwalintin Academy's (Pacific University) goals. Non of these goals are mentioning the education of women, even though the early Pacific University was one of the few places that considered the education of women as significant. But women were not considered important to the persons Dr. Atkinson was writing to on the east coast. Dr. Atkinson in another document saw men and women as equals, but women in this letter are not mentioned to even exist. Dr. Atkinson was not successful in receiving funding from most sponsors he encountered, unlike the president, Dr. Sidney Marsh.


Atkinson, George Henry, 1819-1889

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History of Tualatin Academy, p. 41-43