Liquor Report Focused on Participants


Liquor Report Focused on Participants


Letter addressed to President McClelland of Pacific University regarding the specifics of who was seen purchasing and consuming alcohol in Forest Grove drug store. Agent describes the connections he is making with the residents of Forest Grove. Proceeds to set up meeting with President McClelland to go over information found during investigation, ending the liquor investigation.






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Portland, Ore. Sept 20th, 1899
Dr Thos McClelland
Pres. Pacific University.
Forest Grove, Oregon.
Dear Sir:
In continuation our agent #1 reports:
Monday, Sept 18th.
To-day in Forest Grove:
During the day was in Millers bar-room on eight different occasions with travelling men. On none of these times was any one about. During the afternoon was in the City drug store when Mr Miller came in and from conversation I could hear between he and the proprietor Miller was trying to get him to help make a fight against the temperance element, that from the agitation in the local papers on the liquor issue he expected to be arrested and had retained Congressman Tongue to defend him.
During that evening was in Millers a number of times in company with Smith an optical goods drummer. About 8 P.M when we went in Hanley Kane was in store and I invited him to drink with us which he accepted. Kane in the absence of the clerk waiting on us. Remained there some time talking when a man came in and called for Kane saying Bootz a merchant of the town wanted to see him. The store soon after closed. Later in the evening a part of hop-pickers were driving around the town creating a distrubance. They had evidently secured their liquor in some other place besides Forest Grove.
Tuesday, Sept. 19th.
To-day in Forest Grove:
During the day was in and out of Millers saloon six or seven times. There was no one drinking there on any of these occasions. At 4.30 P.M went in with W.H.Sears, a barber, and started to drink beer. At 4.40 P.M Jack Roy, residing near town and operating a thresher came in and stayed until 5 P.M drinking. He then purchased a bottle of beer and went out. He stated he had a daughter who would go to the University this term. About 5 P.M Bill Ballrow, who drives the bus for Bacon & Co, came in with Emmett Inick, a hotel man from Tillamook, They drank a bottle of beer. Ballacrow then went out. Inick who was well acquainted with Sears remained drinking with Sears and I unitl about 6 P.M at the same time telling about the prosperity of Tillamook.
About 6.15 P.M went into the place with Theodore Wirtz and drank several bottles of beer and then went to supper. At 7.30 P.M met Hanley Kane on the street. Went into Millers and remained until 8.30 P.M when the store closed. Clark is engaged in picking hops at Pike's yard. He is 33 years old , 210 lbs, 5 feet 11 inches, smooth face. While there a farmer named W.T.Johnson came in and drank beer with the crowd and on leaving bought a bottle of beer to take with him. The bartender on all these occasions was the drug clerk. Walked about with Kane until 9 P.M when he went home. At 9.30 P.M went to residence of Dr McClelland but found he was out at reception.
Wednesday, Sept 20th.
To-day in Forest Grove:
At 10.30 A.M went to University to see Dr McClelland. Found him busy and made an appointment to meet him at his residence at 1 P.M. Was about the City drug store until noon talking with Mr Austin. He stated he had just arrived from Chicago four weeks ago, that prior to this he had been in Cuba contracted fever and his settlement on the coast was principally for his health. In speaking of the liquor question over which there is considerable discussion. He expressed himself as being willing to comply with the law as it being a college town and the school gained its principle support from the fact of Forest Grove being advertised as a temperance community, it was due to the City and best interests of all to comply with the law.
At 1 P.M called on Dr McClelland and reported progress. It was decided that there was an abundance of evidence to make a conviction certain if people depended upon to prosecute the case done their duty.
About 3 P.M. was in Millers saloon when a wagon maker or wood worker in the blacksmith shop opposite the planing mill, came in with the man who had formerly run a drug store in the town. They shook dice the drug man loseing. The wagon makers first name is John. He is 38 years old, 170 lbs, 5 feet 9 inches, stubby chin whiskers. While on the outside noticed Bill Barcrow go in the store and come out with two quart bottles wrapped in paper, which evidently contained beer.
Took the train for Portland where I arrived at 5.40 P.M and discontinued.
Yours respectfully,