Parlor in Second Herrick Hall at Pacific University


Parlor in Second Herrick Hall at Pacific University


This is a photograph of the parlor in the second Herrick Hall. This was a gathering place on the first floor of the building for women while living in this residence hall. Women were required to live in this building while attending Pacific University if they did not already own a home off campus.
The original all-female dormitory was first built in 1883 and was called Ladies Hall. During the second university president Reverend John Russell Herrick's tenure, he spent much of his four years as president away from the university, but in that time, he was able to accomplish many things including raising $16,000 to build Ladies Hall. The first year the building was put to use was in 1884. It was renamed after President Herrick in 1887. The first Herrick Hall completely burned down on Sunday, March 11, 1906, from chimney sparks on the roof. A combination of women's fundraising and the Carnegie Foundation donation of $10,000 allowed the second Herrick Hall to be built in 1907. Until 1958, it was still an all-female residence hall. Herrick Hall burned down a second time in 1973.




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