'Students Polled on Athletics' Index


'Students Polled on Athletics' Index


This item is a newspaper article that came out of the Index of Pacific University about the students polling on athletics. The writers of the article was Mark J. Colangelo and Francine Raften. The article was written in 1977. The article subject is about the issues that students saw in the athletic program. In the polling process it is very evident that women were very unsatisfied with sports at this time. Interesting enough this is 5 years after Title IX was passed, so it would seem that not much has changed in response, even though women were participating in sports during 1977.
Women were involved in competition, participating in sports, and were part of a team. Women were involved in gymnastics, soccer, tennis, track, volleyball, and even basketball. There were equal to men, but even after the passing of Title IX women were still unsatisfied at Pacific University. The polling article greatly stressed the percentages of the polls and how 70% men were satisfied with the program whereas women were 30% satisfied.

This article is significant because even after the pass of Title IX where women are suppose to equal to men in athletics, there were still issues for women. This entails how long the process was for women to be recognized fairly in the same light as men and gaining the respect of being a female athlete. This article is very significant because it shows retrogression in Title IX instead of progress at Pacific University based on the polling results of the athletic program.


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