Constitution and By-Laws of Herrick Hall, Student House Government Association of the Women of Pacific University


Constitution and By-Laws of Herrick Hall, Student House Government Association of the Women of Pacific University


This is a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of Herrick Hall printed in The Weekly Index at Pacific University on March 24, 1914. It is stated that the purpose of the constitution was to control all matters pertaining to women living on and off-campus (excluding those who lived with parents or guardians), making and enforcing rules, and to further the interests of the women. All women who attended Pacific University were required to live in a residence hall on-campus unless given special permission with other living situations regarding parental or marriage supervision. The constitution describes the different roles and their respective duties that were made each year by each of the halls: a President of the Hall (who would also reside as the President of the Association), a Vice-President of the Association, a Vice-President of the Hall, a Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, a Secretary-Treasurer of the Hall, a Chairman of the Off-Campus committee, many different Proctors for each section of the hall, and a Head Proctor. There was sometimes also a Temporary Chairman who served when the previous year's chairman graduated. The committees that were put together were the House Council, Advisory Board, and an Off-Campus Committee.
The By-Laws describes the oaths and agreements each woman followed. The articles include things like: quiet and study hours during the week and relaxed hours during the weekend; no running or walking noisily in the halls, with soft slippers used after 7:30 pm; no slamming of doors; the scheduled time of reception and when guests were allowed to be in the building; men were not allowed at all into the residence hall, with the exception of fathers and sometimes, under rare permission, brothers; women, unless given special permission by the Dean of Women, were not allowed to visit the men's residence hall; the women had to get permission to leave the hall, spend the night outside of their room, and when leaving the school; attendance at social evening events needed permission, while those that were associated with school or school-related clubs and societies were approved without permission; three nights of having a guest were free of charge; women could not ride horseback or drive without an approved accompanist; doctor visits or summons could not be made without permission; each morning, rooms had be cleaned promptly, with the exception of Saturday until 10:30 am; attendance at meal times was expected and on time; lights had to be off between 10 pm and 5:30 am, with Friday and Saturday extended to 10:30 pm; any light on after the designated time had to be reported to their Proctor; evening social events ending after 9:30 pm allowed the women to have lights on for the following half hour; fines were made for any meeting unattended; the House Council had control of any and all disciplinary actions. Any permission that was granted was given by the Dean of Women.

Each woman was automatically a member of the Association and was required to attend the regular and special meetings. The Constitution and By-Laws were read at the beginning of the first meeting of each school year and each woman received a personal copy. Amendments could be made to both the Constitution and By-Laws if submitted in writing to the Advisory Board and House Council and then voted on a two-thirds majority at the following Association meeting.




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