Students Newspaper on Basketball Team


Students Newspaper on Basketball Team


The Pacific University Index newspaper during 1904-1905 was compiled of 3 different articles involving women's basketball. The newspaper was mentioning how women's basketball was doing, the new rules that were applied, and about a game on how the women did. The article during November 15, 1904 discussed the preparation that women were doing such as basketball practices. It was an overview about women's basketball. The next article on January 24, 1905 was about a ruling at Pacific that was going to be applied in women's basketball. Men were excluded from attending the basketball games. There seemed to be an issue with women being proper while playing basketball publicly in front of men. Finally the last article on February 28, 1905 was about the first inter-class games between the girls. The details of the game was that the game was between the 4th year class versus the 3rd year class. The 3rd year team was compiled of: Ellen Brobst, Maverne Templeton, Jessie Hoge, Martha Holmes, and Everlyn Wing. The 4th year team included: Helen Chandler, Reba Hoffman, Laura Brock, Caroline Brown, and Mary Abenethy. The final score was 11-2 with the 4th year team winning the game. The only males that were allowed to go to the game were the male officials.
The information was very significant because despite giving women an opportunity to play basketball it was still a set back because they could not play in front of their male peers. This issue is very unique because it was a rule that Pacific implemented for just women's basketball for their games. There were no rules prohibiting women to watch men's basketball, so it shows the inequality women still dealt with. This rule did not last too long, but for such a rule to be considered shows how difficult it was for women's athletics to be recognized equally. There was a major difference between male and female athletics and this rule shows a major distinction between the two. Women athletics during the 1900's had many negative qualities, but this era was the early years of women's sports and gave women the opportunity to play collegiate sports.

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