Chemawa Cemetery Map


Chemawa Cemetery Map


A plot map of the graves in the Chemawa Indian School Cemetery, located north of Salem, Oregon. Most of the graves on this map are of students who died in custody of the school between 1885-1944.

This map was made in 1960. The map's legend describes its creation: "Data taken from old plot diagram made on a piece of 'Beaver Board' (wall board) kept in the vault of the School Administration Office. March 3, 1960." Thus the map appears to have been shortly before the cemetery was cleared of brush and provided with new grave markers, which occurred around 1961. The new grave markers, which are still in place as of 2021, replaced older missing, illegible or disintegrating markers. However, the newer grave markers may not have been placed in exactly the right locations in all cases. This map therefore may represent a more accurate diagram of where each student was buried, compared to the physical markers that are now present in the cemetery.

This scan is based on a photocopy which was supplied to the Pacific University Archives by former Chemawa Indian School historian SuAnn Reddick. The original was created and held by the Chemawa Indian School, which is administered by the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.


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March 3, 1960

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