Forest View Cemetery Plot 215 log book excerpt


Forest View Cemetery Plot 215 log book excerpt


A scan of one page of a log book created by Forest View Cemetery, Forest Grove, Oregon. The page documents burials in Lot no. 215, which was deeded to the "Commissioner of Indian Affairs, in trust for [Forest Grove] Indian Training School," on Dec. 16, 1882, according to a note on the page. Two of the children who died at the school are shown to be buried in this plot: Martha Lot (Spokane), in grave number 10; and Hugh Victor (Umatilla), grave number 4. These are the only two graves in the cemetery that appear to be associated with the Forest Grove Indian School. The "mound" burials in graves number 2-3 appear to be re-burials of Native remains that were found somewhere in the vicinity of Forest Grove. The mounds and student burials have no physical markers in the cemetery as of 2021.

This log book appears to have been created by the cemetery managers sometime in the early-to-mid 1900s, probably drawing on earlier cemetery records. It continued to be maintained through at least the 1970s. This scan was supplied to the Pacific University Archives around 2016.


Forest View Cemetery (Forest Grove, Or.)

Date: Display

circa 1930s-1970s




Forest Grove Indian School
Chemawa Indian School


Forest Grove, Oregon


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