Leabo Family History


Leabo Family History


A family history and genealogical notes on the Leabo Family of Oregon and California, handwritten by Alonzo Reas Leabo in 1936-1938, with some later additions. The Leabo Family is descended from Jacob Leabo (1795-1880), who made his first trip to Oregon in 1847. The Leabos settled in Forest Grove, Oregon in the 1860s, where several family members attended Pacific University. In 1919, many members of the Leabo Family began moving to Monrovia, California, where they lived for much of the 20th century.

Alonzo describes the Leabo Family's genealogy as well as many personal details of their lives, including an account of their travels from the East Coast to Oregon in the 1840s-1860s; encounters with Native Americans on the Oregon Trail; the founding of and attendance at Pacific University and Tualatin Academy in Forest Grove; work at Forest Grove businesses including the Hinman, Haines and Bailey stores, the Forest Grove Hotel and the First National Bank of Forest Grove; life and family properties in Portland, McMinnville and St. Joseph, Oregon and in Monrovia, California; and his family members' personalities, interests, health, deaths, and burials.

Alonzo provides brief biographies and/or genealogical notes about many family members, including:

Great-grandparents: Francis Isaac Le Bas (b. 1754) and Sarah Jennings
Grandparents: Jacob Leabo (b. 1795) and Elizabeth Bailey
Parents: Oredon James Leabo (b. 1838) and Amanda Melvina Newton (b. 1835)
Parents-in-law: Alanson Hinman (b. 1822) and Elizabeth Jones Gerrish; and some of their Hinman and Gerrish relatives; and Alanson's second wife Sophia Margaret Bowen
Himself: Alonzo Reas Leabo (b. 1857)
Wife: Ida Hinman Leabo (b. 1854)
Siblings: Albert Henry Leabo (b. 1854), Flora Ann Brobst (b. 1855), Adella Letha Leabo (b. 1859), Ida Ladocia Leabo (b. 1861), William Leabo (b. 1863), Effie Olive Dunham (b. 1864), Kate Webber (b. 1870), Dorothy Fulmer (b. 1872), and Perry Bailey Leabo (b. 1874); and some of their spouses and children.
Children: Bertha Alice Morley (b. 1884), Roy Hinman Leabo (b. 1888), Lloyd Alonson Leabo (b. 1893)
Several grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their respective spouses are also mentioned.

A Leabo Family Tree and some other genealogical notes that were laid into the volume are included at the end.


Leabo, Alonzo Reas, 1857-1941

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1936-1938 (original) and 1940-1979 (additions)

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