Forest Grove City Library, first established in 1908, holds historic photographs, local publications and other sources in its Stewart History Room. The Eric G. Stewart Collection documents the historic and architectural heritage of Forest Grove.

  • Aerial view of Cornelius Oregon

    This photo is most likely taken from a tower. It is a view of land, railroads, roads, and buildings in Cornelius, Oregon. Numerous wooden buildings, both homes and businesses, line the dirt roads of Cornelius. 'Hotel Oregon' is written in large letters on one of the structures. Piles of lumber lie in the dirt near the railroad tracks. Wooden electrical poles line the main dirt road.
  • Electric trolley station in Cornelius Oregon

    Two men and a boy wait at the Cornelius electric trolley station. The station is a small wooden building with a platform leading to the trolley tracks and a large bench for passengers to wait. An electric trolley is stopped at the station. The trolley is labeled with the number '51'.
  • Stribich's Carriage and Wagon shop

    A group of men are gathered in front of Stribich's Carriage and Wagon Shop in Forest Grove. The building is a large two-story wooden structure with many windows and a large door. A large sign on the front of the building reads 'Stribich's Wagon & Carriage Shop' with a smaller indecipherable sign underneath. Carriages and wagons are parked in front of the shop. John Stribich was the owner of the store.
  • Men in line for I.W.W.

    Men in line and gathered around a building. Closer view of photo FLG_00086.
  • Men waiting in line for the I.W.W.

    A large group of men are lined up on the sidewalk and gathering in the street to join the Industrial Workers of the World union. All the men are wearing hats and coats.
  • F. J. Miller House

    The F. J. Miller house was built by F. J. Miller in 1909. It is located at 1506 Cedar Street in Forest Grove. The house has numerous tall trees around the back and sides. A sidewalk runs next to and in front of the house, part of it looks like it may be wooden.
  • Old gymnasium and science hall at Pacific University

    Two buildings on the Pacific University campus. The building on the left is the old Gymnasium. On the right is the Science Hall, now known as Old College Hall.
  • Herrick Hall on fire

    Pacific University's Herrick Hall building on fire. Smoke covers most of the building. The upper floors have nearly burned away except for a bit of charred frame and three chimneys. The stairway up the the front doors are still intact in this photo.
  • School children in front of school building

    A group of school children, boys and girls, posing for a class photo in front of the doors to their school building. There is no identifying information as to where this school is located, although the address for the photographer is east side Portland.
  • The Rogers house in Forest Grove

    The Rogers' house was located on Fifth Street in Forest Grove. The house is surrounded by a garden with well-kept bushes and flowers. Large trees line the back of the house. A sidewalk lined with small flowering bushes runs in front of the house, elevated on a high curb along the dirt road. The house was dismantled during World War II and the lot is now Rogers Park.
  • Marching band

    A marching band posing with their instruments. The band is made up of mostly men but a few boys are also holding instruments. Other men and children are next to and behind the band. It is difficult to tell if they are also a part of the band or if they are spectators. All the men and boys are wearing suits and hats. '1890' is handwritten at the top. There is more writing at the bottom but it is very faint. The first word appears to be 'Hillsboro' and the last word is most likely 'Band', but the two or three words in between are indeciperable.
  • Hotel Oregon

    Hotel Oregon was a three story hotel on the corner of Pacific and A Street in Forest Grove until 1959. This was once known as the Laughlin Hotel until a name change in the 1920s. The top floor and roof of the structure are not the original due to a fire that required reconstruction in 1914.
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