Hops pickers at J. Friday's hops yard


Hops pickers at J. Friday's hops yard


Sepia-toned image of a group of people gathered in front of a building. Piles of lumber and wood fill the background. The women are seated or kneel in the front of the group with a number of children of various ages, while the men are lined up behind them and seated on stairs leading up to the open door of the building above them. The men wear work clothes, most with suspenders, while some wear overalls. Several of the men's shirts are striped or checked. Two gentlemen seated on the steps wear vests over their striped shirts.
[back] [pen] Hop yard on J. Friday's place. Front - Bessie Roberts, Mildred McConnahey, Eva Carstens, Birt McConnahey. Continued - Percy Carstens. Nellie and Dora Cuene. - Mrs. Lizer and Mrs. Donaldsons (twins) and Grandma Banks. Mother Friday, Pearl Friday. DeEtte Friday, Mildred Seelye. Cont. 2nd Row. Libbie Carstens and Elma C. Art Poland. Vera Roberts. Rose Schlegel. 3rd Standing: Mrs. Roberts. Gene Friday. Charley Dooley in front of Henry Heddink. Cont. Birt Friday, Seth Seelye. In front of Seth (boy) Laddie White and Mother White and Tom Engen and June Engen. Back row. Sitting up high Harry Wolford (top drier), Grant Shipley, Bob Banks - weigh man [and] yard boss - Chas. McConnahey, John Friday and Johnnie Cuene and his Dad Mr. Cuene.

Date Created

circa 1900s


Hops Industry
Banks, Mary E.
Banks, Robert
Carstens, Eva
Carstens, Percy
Carstens, Libbie (Sarah E.) (Friday)
Carstens, Elma
Haydon, Nellie (Cuene)
Meacham, Theodora (Cuene)
Cuene, Martin
Cuene, John J.
Dooley, Charles
Donaldson, Rachael
Engen, Toralv (Tom)
Engen, June
Friday, Eugene C.
Friday, Fanny (Camerigg)
Friday, Pearl
Friday, Mildred (Mary M.) (Seelye)
Friday, Birt F.
Friday, John W.
Galaway, DeEtte (Friday)
Heddirck, Henry
Lizer, Sarah
McConnahay, Charles
Mills, Mildred (McConnahay)
McConnahay, Burton
Poland, Arthur
Roberts, Vera
Roberts, Emma
Roberts, Bessie
Schlegel, Rosa
Seelye, Seth W.
Shipley, Grant
White, Levy
White, Mary
Wolford, Harry
Genealogy & Family History


Dairy Creek, Oregon


gelatin silver prints






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