Letter from Mary Frances Lyman on decorating, teaching, and bills


Letter from Mary Frances Lyman on decorating, teaching, and bills


Letter from Mary Frances Lyman to her parents, Reverend and Mary Denison Lyman, on decorating, teaching at the Indian Training School, and receiving bills.


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Forest Grove, Apr 9th 1882

Dear Father,

I have only a little time so will writer simply a small letter. We miss you every day, and several mornings have risen at such a late hour that only one explanation could be given -- that you were gone. The stair carpeting and rods came all right and are both exceedingly pretty, but through some mistake there were no fastenings sent with the rods and we can't get them here so have simply tacked sown the carpet and will wait about the rest.

The Institute was quite interesting most of it, though not as good as it was when it was held here before. Emma & I had two days of rest from school [i.e. teaching at the Indian Training School] which were quite refreshing. Thursday and Friday we dismissed school. Capt. Wilkinson went to Puyallup and brought back Julia Taylor with five other girls, and Joseph Meeker's little twin brother, Fred. He looks so much like Joseph that I presume I will find it very hard to tell them apart.

We have had lovely weather, a little rain a day or two ago, but clear most all the time.

Mr. Hoxter presented his bill a few days ago, it was quite encouraging in that it was in all only $36.34. I think [we] have been very economical. We have had a letter or two from H. [probably Horace, her brother]. He is prosperous. I wish I could see you, you must take very good care of yourself.

You own loving little Mary