Forest Grove Indian Training School autograph book


Forest Grove Indian Training School autograph book


A book containing autographs and short notes from approximately 44 Native American students who attended the Forest Grove Indian Training School between 1881-1885, along with about 10 teachers and others. It is one of the only surviving documents in the students' own handwriting that they created while attending the school.
The notes are addressed to Belle Putnam Walker, who was a teacher at the school and who owned the book. Belle was married to another instructor, Levi Walker. The Walker Family had a long history of teaching Native students in the Pacific Northwest. Levi's parents, Elkanah and Mary Walker, were among the earliest American missionaries to arrive in the Oregon Territory, having immigrated in 1838.

The students who signed the book were: Peter Stanup, Annie Stanup, John Williams, Harry Kadeshan, Etta Holliquilla, Charles Lott, Oliver Lot, William Skitus, Lizzie Varner, Charles Varner, Emma Parker, William Wilton, Obed Williams (or Littlewilliams), Samuel McCaw, Jerry Holliquilla, Minnie Thompson, Walter Burwell, William Louis (?), William H. Lear, George Brown, Robert Jack, Katie Loulin, Henry Sicade, Harry Taylor, Augustus Kautz, Lizzie Olney, Charles Abraham, Arthur Jackson, John Alexis, Titus Guthrie, Benjamin Miller, William Miller, Charles A. Thompson, Sarah Dickinson, George Blake, Andrew Richards(?), Peter Kalama, Charles Ashue, Samuel Ashue, Frank Meacham, David Brewer, Atkinson Secena, James Stewart, Jerry P. Meeker.

Friends of Belle and fellow teachers who signed were: Ella Mary Clark, Mary F. Lyman, S.M. Buck, M.C. Wilkinson, Louisa Huff, Lucinda V. Johns, David C. Kelley, Ella F. McDonald, George H. Bou[?]y, A. Fairchild.

This autograph book was donated to the Pacific University Archives in 2013 by a descendant of the Walker Family, Betty Thorn.


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Forest Grove Indian School Collection, Pacific University Archives