Stanup letter regarding his concern for board and his contact with Captain Wilkinson


Stanup letter regarding his concern for board and his contact with Captain Wilkinson


Letter from Peter Stanup to Joseph W. Marsh, who was Pacific University's first librarian and functioned as interim president between others serving. He discusses his concern for securing board during his time at Tualatin Academy, though he sought the help of Captain Melville Wilkinson, the founder of the Forest Grove Indian Training School. Peter Stanup was a Puyallup native student who was admitted to the Forest Grove Indian Training School at age 21. Though he married and returned to the Puyallup Agency, he later sought admittance to Tualatin Academy in order to become a preacher and contacted Marsh. He was unable to enter due to eye problems; however, he was later licensed as a Presbyterian preacher in 1883.


Stanup, Peter


Off-reservation boarding schools
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Chemawa Indian School


Forest Grove, Oregon





Forest Grove Indian School Collection, Pacific University Archives



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United States Indian Service, Puyallup Agency, Aug. 1st, 1882

Prof. J. W. Marsh, Forest Grove, Or.,

Dear Friend:
I have been encouraged by Capt. Wilkinson [the Indian School superintendent] about my boarding while in school next winter. He said, he can arrange it so that I can get my board at the Indian School. I have written to him about it, but for sure, please see him and tell him that I need his assistance whenever it is possible for him to do so.

But if he cannot consistently do so, please find a place where I can work for my board. I am anxious to go through the academic course, yes through college, but I will have to take what I can get, even if it is only one [year] in the Academy [i.e. Tualatin Academy, a high school].

I feel free to ask you for all I have asked, because I know you.

Please let me know about what time I should be there to enter the first term. You humble friend,

P.C. Stanup