Stanup letter concerning his poor eyesight hindering his further education


Stanup letter concerning his poor eyesight hindering his further education


Letter from Peter Stanup to Joseph W. Marsh, who was Pacific University's first librarian and functioned as interim president between others serving. He informs Marsh of a Presbytery he must attend concerning his poor eyesight, which may delay or prevent his attendance of Tualatin Academy. Peter Stanup was a Puyallup native student who was admitted to the Forest Grove Indian Training School at age 21. Though he married and returned to the Puyallup Agency, he later sought admittance to Tualatin Academy in order to become a preacher and contacted Marsh. He was unable to enter due to eye problems; however, he was later licensed as a Presbyterian preacher in 1883.


Stanup, Peter


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Forest Grove, Oregon





Forest Grove Indian School Collection, Pacific University Archives



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New Tacoma, W.T., Dec 3d 1882

Prof. J.W. Marsh, Forest Grove, Or.

Dear Friend:
I have been notified to be present at the session of our Presbytery, which will commence in one week from tomorrow. I do not know what action will be taken in regard to me, whether I shall go to school now or wait till my eyes get better or not go to school all together. My eyesight is dim and hurt the eyes much whenever I get through reading. They have been this way since August last. The Doctor advised me not to use them much.

I shall be very sorry, if I could not get to go to school, for I feel that I must get more education while I am yet young, and have a chance to.

If I go there to school, I shall leave here right after the Presbytery adjourns.

Yours very truly
P.C. Stanup