Wilkinson letter excusing himself from drills at Pacific University


Wilkinson letter excusing himself from drills at Pacific University


Letter dated October, 1879 from Capt. M. C. Wilkinson to Joseph W. Marsh. Marsh was a professor at Pacific University and was functioning as its interim president. Wilkinson was, at the time of writing this letter, serving as an aide-de-camp under General O.O. Howard with the U.S. Army Department of the Columbia, and also teaching military drills at Pacific University. Several months later, Wilkinson would begin working as the first superintendent of the Forest Grove Indian Training School, while concurrently serving as a professor of military science at Pacific University. In this letter, Wilkinson explains that he cannot make it back to Forest Grove in time to do drills because he had obligations in Portland. He asks Marsh to excuse him.


Wilkinson, Melville C.


Off-reservation boarding schools
Native American Studies
Chemawa Indian School


Forest Grove, Oregon




Forest Grove Indian School Collection, Pacific University Archives

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Portland, Oregon
Wednesday Oct 1879
Prof. Jos. Marsh
Forest Grove
Mr dear Sir:
The week is so much broken from the fact that the procession of yesterday was greatly delayed that I could not reach the train without leaving the ranks which, under the circumstances for me, would have been considered great disrespect. And [since?] I could only reach the Grove for drill Thursday & Friday, and there is so much I ought really to do here that I have decided not to return until next Monday.
May I ask you to [so?] announce.
Yours very truly,
M.C. Wilkinson