Wilkinson letter on returning with two Native Alaskan chiefs


Wilkinson letter on returning with two Native Alaskan chiefs


Letter dated January 16, 1880 from Capt. M. C. Wilkinson to Joseph W. Marsh. Marsh was a professor at Pacific University and was functioning as its interim president. At the time of writing this letter, Wilkinson was preparing to open the Forest Grove Indian School where he would serve as its first superintendent. He tells Marsh that he would be bringing two Native Alaskan chiefs to visit the school site. He explains that because of their visit, he would postpone a trip to Puget Sound. (This postponed trip did indeed take place in February 1880, and resulted in the first group of Native students being brought to the Forest Grove school.) Wilkinson also notes that he had talked to Mrs. Huff of Oregon City about being hired as the school's matron. The letterhead on which this note is written is printed with the addresses of both Pacific University and the Indian Education Department of the Department of the Interior because Wilkinson was working for both of them at the time.


Wilkinson, Melville C.


Off-reservation boarding schools
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Chemawa Indian School


Forest Grove, Oregon




Forest Grove Indian School Collection, Pacific University Archives

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Portland, Oregon, Jany 16th 1880
Profr. Jos. W. Marsh
My dear Sir:
After conversation with Doctor Lindsley have concluded best to return to the Grove on Monday next and will bring the two Indian Chiefs from Alaska. For the present will keep them with me at the hotel, as soon as possible giving them room in the Indian building. The trip to the Sound [can?] will be postponed until the week after next.
Visited Mrs. Huff at Oregon City with reference to matronship, yesterday eve, returned this morning.
Yours truly,
M.C. Wilkinson