Fence surrounding the Smith-Buxton-Caples House


Fence surrounding the Smith-Buxton-Caples House


A photograph of the fence and bottom portion of the Smith-Buxton-Caples House. This house, which is also known locally as the I.L. Smith House, is located at 1938 16th Ave, Forest Grove, OR. The image in this photograph is reversed left-to-right, possible due to a misprint of the negative. See related photograph PUA_MS149_050 for another view.

According to the Oregon Historic Sites cultural resource inventory of this house: "This house is said to have been built by Irwin Smith around 1876. Smith was a partner with Mr. Buxton who later lived in the house with his family c. 1900. Buxton's daughter, Rena Buxton, married a Mr. Caples and continued to live in the house. Hence the local name 'Buxton/Caples House.' This structure is a simple example of the Italianate style of architecture which was popular in the United States c. 1840-1885."

This photograph is part of the Nettie Shipley Haines photograph album.

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Forest Grove, Oregon, United States