Usage & Copyright

Oral histories in this collection may include video, audio, textual, and pictoral materials. These materials are provided by Pacific University and multiple participating cultural institutions in Washington County, Oregon for education and research purposes. These are not public domain materials. The copyright for each recording is held by both the recorded narrator(s), and the organization that originally collected the interview. 

It is the responsibility of each user to assess the legal implications of using any excerpt or item in scholarly work and securing necessary permissions to do so.

To report privacy or copyright concerns , please contact the Pacific University Archives: .

To inquire about obtaining copies, excerpts or other information, please contact the cultural institution that owns the oral history: 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I cite an oral history from this collection?

The exact format of your citation will depend on which citation style you are using, but the basic form could look something like this:

Johnston, Clifford, and Ellis Lucia. “Clifford Johnston Oral History Recording.” 1972. Washington County Oral Histories , Pacific University Archives,

Be sure to cite the archive or museum who owns the original oral history.

Are there any usage fees for reproducing the oral histories?

Each participating institution sets its own policies for usage fees. Please see the contacts above for more information.

Are these oral histories protected by copyright?

For the majority of the oral histories on this site, copyright is still in force. See  this chart  for more information (please note that most of the Washington County oral histories count as "unpublished works").

Do I need to get permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the oral histories?

In some cases, yes. Some uses count as "fair use" and do not require permission. For some guidelines on what counts as fair use, see the  U.S. Copyright Office Statement on Fair Use , or the  Stanford Fair Use site .

Who owns the copyright to the oral histories?

The participating institutions own the oral history recordings that are reproduced on this site, and in many cases they own the copyright to them. In addition, copyright is usually owned by both the interviewee and interviewer. Participating institutions may be able to assist in determining who the copyright holders are.

How do you handle privacy concerns?

If you are a rights holder and have a privacy concern, you can contact . The Pacific University Archivist will get in touch with you to discuss your concerns and determine a course of action.