Commencement 1892


Commencement 1892


The alumni and invited guests attending the commencement of 1892 pose against the exterior of College Hall.
The alumni & invited guests, 1892: Mrs. Dr. Marsh, Professor Marsh + wife, Professor Ferrin + wife, Professor Robertson, Professor Whitselsky [sic], Pres. McClelland + wife, Miss Brooks, Miss Lorena (Len) Gleason, Blanch Garrison, Minnie Marsh, T. E. Clapp, C. F. Clapp, L. L. Bush, Miss Frasier, J. M. Garrison + wife, Dollie Hinman, A. Hinman + wife, M. Eels [sic], Dr. Crang + wife, Will Macrum, Jessie Capler, H. Marsh, Ed Haylor, Rue Garriah, W. Bates, W. Bond, E. Menger, L. Cardwell, H. Marsh, L. Stewart, Pen Patton, Mrs. Woods, Nellie Woods, Mrs. Gray, Miss M. B. Danforth, Mrs. A. T. Smith, Mrs. H. D. Johnes, Rev. Rogers + wife, Mrs. (Grandma) Walker, Grace Hughes, Miss Gray, J. U. Smith + wife, Mr. Thomas + wife, Milton Smith, Kellogg McClelland, Mrs. L[undecipherable].

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