1910 Pacific University football team


1910 Pacific University football team


Pacific University's 1910 football team. The team members are identified as the following. First row: Howard Rice Taylor, Charles Lachlan Stubby McNeil, Tom William [unverified], Unidentified, Charles Edwin Ward, Ivan Rosir Donaldson, Benjamin Harrison Reeher, and [no first name] Brock [unverified]. Second row: Arthur Litten Silverman, Thomas William Leonard, Donald John Taylor, Tub Shaffer [unverified], Sumner Elihu Bryant, [no first name] Anthony [unverified], Norky Wagner (either Augustus Allison Wagner, Claude Leroy Wagner, or Glenn Garland Wagner), and Harold Jensen [unverified]. Third row (seated at either end): Earl Lafayette House, and [no first name] Ingram [unverified]. Fourth row, standing: Holman Boynton Ferrin, Nourse, Arthur Mills, Leslie Lisle Hope, Paul Abraham, Raymond Hamilton Bryant, and Olaus Johan Murie.
[back] 1st row seated: 1-Howard Taylor, 2-Stubby McNeil, 3-Tom William, 4-Unidentified, 5-Charles Ward, 5-Rosir Donaldson, 7-B. H. Reeher, 8-Brock. 2nd Row seated: 1-Arthur Silverman, 2-Tom Leonard, 3-John Taylor, 4-Tub Shaffer, 5-Sumner Bryant, 6-Anthony, 7-Norky Wagner, 8-Harold Jensen. 3rd seated: 1- Earl House, 2-Ingram. 4th Standing: 1-Holman Ferrin, 2-Nourse, 3-Arthur Mills, 4-Leslie L. Hope, 5-Paul Abraham, 6-Raymond Bryant, 7-Olaus Murie. 1910 Pacific University's 1910 football team.

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