Unsigned Rajneesh proclamation


Unsigned Rajneesh proclamation


Unsigned proclamation that would have established martial law in Jefferson and Wasco counties in response to the Rajneesh situation.


Atiyeh, Victor, author

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Governor Victor Atiyeh Speeches, Volume III


Rajneeshpuram (Or.)






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P R 0 C L A M A T I 0 N

WHEREAS, I find that in Central Oregon, tumult, riot, breaches of the peace and forcible obstruction to the execution of law have lately and frequently occurred and are continuing; that the rights of people of the community have been unlawfully affected; that lawless groups are gathering with intent to offer violence to persons and property and forcibly to break and resist the laws of the. State in said area;and

WHEREAS, peace officers in Central Oregon require assistance to restore peace and order and to secure compliance with the law; and

WHEREAS, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor by the Constitution and the statutes of this state, I have ordered into active service such part or all of the National Guard as The Adjutant General may determine to be necessary in aid of civil authorities to protect life and property and to maintain peace and order and to restore normal civil process in Central Oregon;

NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to ORS 399.065, I hereby declare Jefferson and Wasco Counties to be under martial law and admonish all citizens of the State and all persons within its territory and jurisdiction against aiding, countenancing, abetting or participating in any unlawful proceedings, and I hereby warn all persons engaged in or connected with any violence and obstruction of the laws to disperse and retire peaceably to their respective abodes, and to go about their legitimate, lawful pursuits immediately.

This declaration and warning are intended to maintain law and order and to protect and save the innocent, and I appeal to all soberminded and peace-loving persons to cooperate loyally in the restoration of peace and quiet in Central Oregon.

Done at , this day of 1985.


ATTEST: SECRETARY OF STATE IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused to be affixed the great seal of the State of Oregon.