1917 May Day Queen in front of Decorated Marsh Hall


1917 May Day Queen in front of Decorated Marsh Hall


A photograph of the May Queen sitting in front of a decorated Marsh Hall with the May Day court and a group of children in 1917. A lattice backdrop had been placed on the front porch of Marsh Hall and had been decorated with flowers and greenery. Rugs were laid out on the Marsh Hall steps. The caption with the photograph identifies Queen Alvena Howard, Morieta Howard, Helen Brunner, Dorris Mace, Irene Robinson and Betty Clark. The May Day celebration tradition at Pacific University began in 1914, and would continue for over 50 years. A student would be crowned 'Queen of the May'. The event would often include a double-line procession from the Carnegie Library to the west side of Marsh Hall. A luncheon, singing, athletic competitions and other activities would be enjoyed by students and members of the Forest Grove community. A maypole would be erected and young ladies dressed in white would wind ribbon around it. This picture appears in an album that was compiled by Greta McIntyre Sheeley, a 1920 Pacific University graduate.






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