Spokane Students


Spokane Students


A group portrait of seven boys who came to the Forest Grove Indian Training School from the Spokane tribe. This portrait likely depicts the seven Spokane boys who arrived together at the school in November, 1880: Charles Abraham; George Secup; George (Pas-cot) Dorn; John Williams; Oliver Lot; Fred Pratt; and Obed Littlewilliams. The picture was taken I.G. Davidson, a photography studio based in Portland who also produced other group portraits of students at the school. The group portraits appear to emphasize the Western clothes and manners of the students, who were required to behave according to white societal norms.



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[front] Davidson, [handwritten] Spokane Indians, Photo. [back] Indian Training School, Forest Grove, Oregon. Capt. M. C. Wilkinson, U. S. A., in Charge. Group of Spokane Boys.