Indian Training School teachers


Indian Training School teachers


Group portrait of fifteen men and women who were associated with the Indian Training School in Forest Grove. They are sitting in front of one of the buildings used by the school. Most of those depicted were probably teachers and staff members. A note on the back of the photograph identifies the man sitting on the center of the steps as Samuel A. T. Walker, who was the school's shoemaking instructor. The man in the lower left hand corner is Dr. Henry Minthorn, who served as the school's superintendent from 1883-1884. The woman resting a hand on his shoulder is probably his wife, Laura E. Minthorn. The Native man on the right may be David Brewer, who served as the school's disciplinarian. The Native women in the back were probably students who were serving as the girls' workshop leaders. They may include Katie Loulin Brewer, Emma Kahama, Lillie Pitt, Jennie Fletcher, or others.





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Forest Grove Indian Training School Teachers; Samuel Walker (father of Charles) sitting on steps (large mustache)