Spokane students, 'new recruits' to the Indian Training School


Spokane students, 'new recruits' to the Indian Training School


A group portrait of students from the Spokane tribe at the Forest Grove Indian Training School, taken when they were 'new recruits.' The caption notes that this was number 43 in a series of photographs by I.G. Davidson, a photography studio based in Portland. The photograph is one of several group portraits that depict 'before and after' views of students at the school; see also the corresponding 'after' picture, PUApic_008035. These photographs show how the school taught the children to behave according to the norms of white society. This image was reproduced alongside several other images of the school as an etching in a popular magazine, Harper's Weekly, in 1882. The students pictured are probably the Spokane students who, according to the school roster, arrived in July, 1881: Alice L. Williams; Florence Hayes; Suzette (or Susan) Secup; Julia Jopps; Louise Isaacs; Martha Lot; Eunice Madge James; James George; Ben Secup; Frank Rice; and Garfield Hayes.





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