Margaret Reeher and Arthur Reeher oral history recording on the Tillamook fire


Margaret Reeher and Arthur Reeher oral history recording on the Tillamook fire


An audio recording of an interview with Margaret (Mrs. Max) Reeher and Arthur Reeher of Forest Grove about their memories of the 1933 Tillamook fire. The interview took place April 1973 at Mrs. Reeher's home in Forest Grove. The recording starts in the middle of a conversation with no context as to what the topic of discussion is. The interviewer asks both Margaret and Arthur if they remember how the fire start. Neither of them remember how the fire start but do remember seeing smoke from their home in Forest Grove on A street. The boss of Arthur was Peter Burbmy who assigned someone to help and follow Arthur, for Arthur to only discover him starting small fires during his free time. This concerned Arthur so he eventually turned him into the state, feeling as though he may be involved in some bigger fires in the Tillamook area. During the summer Arthur would patrol the forest to ensure there were no fires that they were unaware of. When the fire of 1933 started in Tillamook on August 22,1933 the weather made a turn for the worse and picked up strong wind causing the fire to explode being virtually uncontainable. Until this fire the fire of 1924 in Tillamook forest was thought to be the most devastating fire Oregon had ever had. Both of these fire details were read by Margaret during the interview from a book about Oregon fires she had. The interview cuts out at 35:00 and begins to slowly fade in sound starting at 47:00 minutes.

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