Guy Carr oral history recording Part 2


Guy Carr oral history recording Part 2


Part two of an audio recording of an oral history of Guy Carr about his life in Beaverton, Oregon, recorded on March 4, 1981. Carr continues talking about Beaverton in broader terms, talking about the people who lived in the city. He describes the early day entertainment as dances and baseball. He describes the different places that hosted dances and how baseball was made up of a “bush league” of men from all over the area. Carr describes how some people settled in the area including his stepdad, Mr. Pegg (the coroner), and the Fannos family, and gives short stories about other people in town including Blathers “The Old Goat” and Fred Vetter. Carr talks about selling tractors to farmers was like selling cars to people. Carr enjoys fishing and describes where he frequents. He tells the story of when he broke his leg and back while walking across a bridge during fishing and how he survived it. Other topics Carr covers include the first bank in Beaverton being the Pegg bank in 1910, where he grocery shops, drivers education, and the Beaverton school district while he served on the school board and his opinions on how the schools are doing. Throughout the interview, Carr mentions his collection of photographs, and the interviewer mentions that making a copy of them for history would be a good idea. A full transcript of the recording and a listed summary of topics discussed is given.


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