Mary Windle oral history recording


Mary Windle oral history recording


An audio recording of an oral history of Mary Windle about her family’s history reaching all the way back to the early nineteenth century. Windle first talks about her father’s side of the family, the Bennetts, who originally came from Cornwall, England, and emigrated to Canada in the early nineteenth century, and eventually moved to Washington. Windle inherited her grandfather’s sea chest that he had brought over from England. Then she talks about her mother’s side of the family, the Delanor-Sadds. They had settled in Cedar Canyon about the same time in the early nineteenth century. Eventually Windle’s family ended up in Cornelius, Oregon, where most of her relatives, including herself, attended school at Greenville. Windle talks about her childhood and remembers having a dog named Rover and riding ponies in long skirts. Windle recounts names and stories of her teachers at Greenville and her adventures into Forest Grove for shopping. She had started an annual family reunion that lasted for a while before it fizzled out. At about 20:00 of the recording, Windle shows her audience pictures of her parents and an uncle, as well as a book that came from her mother’s side of the family. The recording is really hard to hear in the beginning and throughout the first half with a popping in the sound and white noise.



1 sound cassette (25 min.)






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