Winifred McNair Hopkins oral history interview


Winifred McNair Hopkins oral history interview


An audio recording of an oral history interview of Winifred McNair Hopkins (1887-1984) about her life in Oregon. Born in Riddle Point, Oregon, in 1887, Hopkins moved to the Forest Grove area in 1920 as a teacher. She grew up in a country neighborhood two miles from town in a large family of nine people. She went to a school in a one-room schoolhouse and to Riddle Point Presbyterian Church. The schoolhouse was located two miles away from their house and the children walked barefoot to school each day. Hopkins talks about two holidays, the Fourth of July and Christmas, and the traditional activities like picnics and dinners with neighbors. After getting involved with music at age 17, she went to school to study music, traveled around the country playing, and later taught it to others. She mentions reading the “Youth Companion” magazine along with the one newspaper that was produced. Hopkins even remembers attending the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, known as the “fair,” in Portland, Oregon, in 1905. Other topics include shopping in little stores, games that were played at church parties, the Depression, and prohibition. Changes that Hopkins has enjoyed seeing in her life include a freedom in thought and things to do. There is a lot of white noise in the recording so it can be difficult to understand parts of the answers that Hopkins gives.


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