Bank building in Yamhill, Oregon


Bank building in Yamhill, Oregon


A photograph of people posing in front of a bank building in Yamhill, Oregon. The building is located on the corner of Main Street and Highway 47. The Yamhill State Bank is on the left; another shop (possibly a barber or butcher) is in the center; and a shop selling White Clover Ice Cream is on the right. A Model T car and a buggy stand in front. On the extreme left, there is a poster advertising a minstrel show. This photograph was printed on postcard stock and includes a note from "Freda" to "Chas Walker". It is postmarked October 8, 1912. This photograph is part of the Charles Lovell and Winnette Sears Walker Collection. Winnette was a 1906 alumna of Linfield College. Charles was an alumnus of Tualatin Academy who later became a musician and an insurance agent in Hillsboro, Oregon.