Forest Grove Indian School Graduates of 1885


Forest Grove Indian School Graduates of 1885


A group portrait of the 1885 graduates of the Forest Grove Indian School. The school relocated from Forest Grove to Chemawa that year and was renamed soon afterwards. This image was probably made at Chemawa based on the white building in the background. It was probably taken at the end of the school year in June. The boys wear their military-style school dress uniforms; several have stripes, epaulets and medals that probably indicated their ranks within the school. The girls wear matching white dresses which the girls probably sewed in the school's sewing workshops. Two students have been identified: James Stewart, Nez Perce (middle row, fourth from right); and Jacob Helm, Paiute of Yakama (middle row, second from left). Emma Kahama may be the fourth student from the right in the top row. Students listed in school records as 1885 graduates, many of whom are probably in this portrait, include: John Alexis, Lummi; George Blake, Stikine Tlingit; David Fletcher and Jennie Fletcher, Snohomish; Jacob Helm, Paiute of Yakama; Etta Hollaquilla, Warm Springs; Thomas Itwis, Puyallup; Levi Jonas, Nez Perce; Emma Kahama, Puyallup; Peter Kalama, Nisqually and Hawaiian; Ella Lane, Puyallup; William Lewis, Tlingit; William Martin, Puyallup; George Meacham, Wasco; Lizzie Olney, Warm Springs; Emma Parker, Wasco and Warm Springs; Lillie Pitt and Sallie Pitt, Pit River and Warm Springs; Rosa Price, Nez Perce; Peter Sherwood, Squaxin Island; John Smith, Skokomish; James Stewart, Nez Perce; Susie Winyer, Nisqually.





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