Chemawa Indian School Band


Chemawa Indian School Band


A group portrait of the boys in the Chemawa Indian School band, taken soon after the school relocated to Chemawa from Forest Grove in 1885. The students hold their instruments as if they were performing, probably as a posed demonstration for the camera. From left to right, they hold four trumpets (and/or bugles); three euphoniums or similar brass instruments; a tuba; a large drum with cymbal; and a snare drum. The student holding the large drum is probably James Stewart, Nez Perce. The four students on the left may be the same boys noted as being "buglers" on the school roster (not necessarily in this order): George Piute, Warm Springs; George Brown, Tlingit; Philip Jones, Tlingit; and George Blake, Tlingit. For another photograph taken on the same day, see image WCMss261_001_157.





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