Couple with dog and horse by a house


Couple with dog and horse by a house


A man and woman leading a dog and a horse pose in front of a small house. The man wears overalls while the woman wears an apron and house dress. The house is one-and-a-half stories tall, with clapboard siding and an offset central chimney. A balcony over the front door appears to have been recently removed, leaving an unusable door on the second floor. The front yard is overgrown with grass. In the background, a fence, fruit trees and a ladder are visible. The dog resembles a border collie and the horse appears to be an American Quarter Horse. The people in the image may be the friends or family of the photographer, William Alonso Clapshaw.
This is one image from a set of glass plate negatives created by William Alonso Clapshaw. Clapshaw was a clerk and shopkeeper who lived near Forest Grove, Oregon for most of his life. He was born in 1880, probably at the family's home in the Hillside neighborhood of Forest Grove, on what is now Clapshaw Hill Road east of Gales Creek. Around 1910-1914, William took an interest in photography and created a set of glass plate negatives documenting scenes near his family's lands as well as images of himself, his friends and family members. He most likely used a silver gelatin dry plate process. The photographs were donated to the Pacific University Archives in 2023.

Date: Display

circa 1910-1914




Gelatin silver negatives