Class of 1902 with Boxer


Class of 1902 with Boxer


A photograph that was probably taken on November 24, 1899 of the Pacific University Class of 1902 holding the original "Boxer" statue. The statue was a bronze Chinese incense burner in the form of a qilin. In later years, it would be the inspiration for the university's Boxer mascot. The Class of 1902 stole the statue from the university's chapel in Marsh Hall about a month before this photograph was taken. On Nov. 24, 1899 they hosted their first "Annual Banquet," in which they displayed the statue as a trophy. Here, the students appear to be posing in the same location where the banquet was held, showing off Boxer in their arms. The canes that they are holding were symbols of a rivalry they had with the Class of 1903. This is one of the earliest known photographs of Boxer. This image was scanned from a photograph album belonging to Mary Bailey Clarke, who was in the Class of 1903.

Date Created

Nov. 24, 1899